Dimitrovgrad City Library dedicates its event to SnejanaIaneva

15 May 2021
The events during the National Library Week in Dimitrovgrad are dedicated to SnejanaIaneva’s 70 years birthday anniversary.She is an apostle of the library work, with important contributions to the annual National Library Week and the announcement of the dateMay, 11thas the professional holiday of Bulgarian librarians.


The National Library Week in Stara Zagora is dedicated to SnejanaIaneva

The National Library Week in Stara Zagora is dedicated to SnejanaIaneva

13 May 2021
“Rodina” Library in Stara Zagora marks SnejanaIaneva’s contribution for the establishment of the National Library Week and all its editions since 2006 until now, and dedicates to her memory all initiatives in the National Library Week this year (the first one without Sneja).
In May a silver cypress will be planted inSnejanaIaneva’s memory in the yard of “Rodina” Library.


Happy professional holiday! “Snejana Ianeva” awards

Happy professional holiday! “Snejana Ianeva” awards

11 May 2021
Memorial Fund “Snejana Ianeva” celebrates the 15th anniversary of theDay of the Librarian and the National Library Week,both started in 2006. In the historyof librarianship these two events are not only connected between themselves, but they are also connected with the name and contributions of Snejana Ianeva. That is the reason why the Memorial Fund decided to announce on 11-th May the awards, which will be bestowed in March 2022 for a year of events at the libraries in SnejanaIaneva’s memory and in connection with her 70th birthday anniversary. We hope that by defining a long period - from March 2021 till March 2022 - an opportunity will be given to all libraries, whichwould like to mark the 70thanniversary, to do thatat the right time for them. There are no restrictions in the character, the number, and the duration of the library initiatives in SnejanaIaneva’s name and in her memory. An independent commission will choose the recipients of the awards and the prizes will be bestowed on 08-th March 2022, her birthday.


Mass media about the celebration in Dimitrovgrad

22 March 2021

The celebration of the Memorial Week in SnejanaIaneva’s memory and giving her name to a reading room at the City Library in her home town were published in the mass media in great detail (see links)



Commemoration of the birth of Snejana Ianeva in Dimitrovgrad

Commemoration of the birth of Snejana Ianeva in Dimitrovgrad

On March 18, 2021, the community of the hometown of Snejana Ianeva marked her birth date with an event organized by the Municipal Council and the City Library. Words of respect to this remarkable Bulgarian, born in Dimitrovgrad, sounded in the hall of the library that has her name. The mayor of the town, Mr. Ivo Dimov, and the Chair of the Municipal Council, Mrs. Gergana Krasteva, colleagues and relatives of Snejana expressed their gratitude for her work and devotion to Bulgarian libraries and culture.


Proposal for awarding Snejana Ianeva (posthumously) with one of the highest government awards - Order of “Saints Cyril and Methodius”

On March 11, 2021, the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, of which Snejana Ianeva was President until her passing, submitted to the Ministry of Culture a proposal to award her with the Order of “St. Cyril and Methodius”, granted by the President of Bulgaria, for her exceptional contributions to Bulgarian culture: professional exchange and implementation of the best European and world library practices, the modernization of libraries and the development of librarianship in our country for more than 30 years. The proposal is supported by the entire community of librarians in Bulgaria and by the current holders of the Order of St. Cyril and Methodius among librarians.

KirilMetodii I stepen

Regional library renamed one of its departments

11 March 2021
The Regional Library “P.R. Slaveikov” in VelikoTarnovo renamed its specialized department for high-school students and adults. It is called now “Snejana Ianeva”. Snejana Ianeva was an important engine for the librarianship in Bulgaria. In connection with her birthday and in her memory an evergreen tree was planted in the yard of the library-information center “Slaveiche”. 


“Rodina” Library – Stara Zagora

“Rodina” Library – Stara Zagora

11 March 2021

“Rodina” Library published in FacebookSnejanaIaneva’s short biography and pictures.



Presentation of the work of Snejana Ianeva

We bring to your attention the presentation about the life’s work of Snejana Ianeva, created at the National Library "P.R. Slaveykov" - Veliko Tarnovo and delivered on March 8, 2021, as part of the Memorial Week on the occasion of the birth of the library leader Snejana Ianeva.

Download and view: Presentation


Silver spruce in memory of Sneja

UniBIT planted a memorial tree in honour of the most prominent Bulgarian librarian in the last 30 years

The text is from the blog of Dr. Vasil Zagorov -  university lecturer and scientist

A silver spruce was planted at the University of Library Science and Information Technology (UniBIT) in honour of the long-time president of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BBIA) and librarian Snejana Ianeva.