Acts of honor

Acts of honor and gratitude for 30 years gratuitous service for the libraries

“Snejana Ianeva” Memorial Fund and the BCause Foundation organize a campaign for acts of honor gratitude for the patriotic service of Snejana Ianeva to the democratization of Bulgarian libraries, interrupted by her untimely death.

In the last 30 years Snejana Ianeva entirely gratuitously granted her labor, expertise and efforts to the modernization of  Bulgarian libraries without getting money or  rewards for that. At the Memorial service her colleagues expressed with words their gratitude for her  the exceptional contribution to Bulgarian culture, combined with modesty, kindness and ethical attitude to everybody.

At this Memorial Website we share the initiatives, dedicated to Snejana Ianeva’s memory by libraries, universities, non-governmental and governmental organizations, municipalities and citizens. 

Share your initiative with us! Send photos, video, text, links to articles on the e-mail: fondsi2020@gmail.com

The campaign is a new beginning in raising money for “Snejana Ianeva” Memorial Fund and an appeal to everybody, who knew and worked with her, to those who thanks to her efforts participated in specializations and professional development, to donate.

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